The fact that an understanding of intercultural differences and language knowledge leads to a higher profit in the organisation is today no longer  questioned.

In 2011, the European Commission carried out a study on the impact of a language strategy on the revenue in an organisation. The result proves that organisations with a language strategy can increase their total revenue between 10-25% a year. You can read a summary of the study here.

The neighbouring countries Denmark and Germany share a number of cultural similarities. However, there are considerable differences as well. The organisational culture is different. Danes negotiate differently. And when it comes to the use of expressions, there are some major differences that just might be decisive when it comes to signing a contract, getting the next order, winning a tender,  etc

IN-HOUSE LANGUAGE TRAINING After a first meeting  regarding your objectives/goals, content, and the time frame, I will develop a curriculum that suits your organisation. In order to lose no time, I will be teaching in-house in the company before, during or after regular working hours. Alternatively, weekend courses are also available for booking.
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